Monday, August 10, 2015

Blog silence

I haven't blogged in too long, mostly due to the crushing inertia that Geoff working evenings brought upon me. One more week, and then he should be on days for a while.

During that time I read the latest Diana Gabaldon and did a lot of no housework, kept the children alive, and we watched a lot of movies. Probably fewer than we would have if we hadn't lost the remote that controls Neflix, though. Utter sadness.

So today I have to figure out what we're doing with Mum's ashes, since I refuse to put them in that godawful lighted up cross between a museum and a Loblaws, for permanent display. I also have to call Apple and see if I can get a new remote, And call the horrible cemetery and get my money back.

My current grim stupid plan is to find somewhere meaningful and bury her ashes there, and then spend the $11,000 half on their church and half taking all her immediate and distant family out to the Mandarin. How can you spend $5000 at the Mandarin? I'm going to look at that as a challenge. Maybe we'll buy the cotton candy machine to be Nathaniel's best friend forever.

Monday, August 03, 2015

This past week in pictures

We survived a whole week with Geoff gone for dinner and bed time, and the children all survived, which is because of grace and not because of me. Near the end of the week I was pretty full of shrieking. Single parents, I salute you. I cam near to eating my offspring, especially after we lost the tiny stupid remote that connects our tv to Netflix.

Miriam had an exciting and destructive week. I need to find her more sensory activities that don't involve ruining the house. Like, pretty much anything that doesn't have flooding or butter and furniture. 

The boys are practising being cooler than anyone else in the house.

I do love her very much, I just kind of want to rehome her. I haven't figured out how to keep a three year old who climbs like a monkey out of everything.

Nat's dedication to being a mad scientist means never, ever taking the lab coat off.

"I want Rexie for a puppy!"
I'm gearing up for another week of Geoff being gone until late. I have lots of frozen food, lowered expectations, and a basic itinerary of reading library books and trying not to lose my sanity. I'm waiting on figuring out our homeschool plan until things settle down and I know what Geoff's schedule will be. Thank goodness it's nearly fall and the Science Centre and ROM will clear out soon....

Monday, July 27, 2015

This week in Mim

She has flooded all three floors, painted the deck with sunscreen, and cut up a cold pack and smeared all the gel on herself.

She's for sale. Cheap.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Unrelentingly busy

It feels like we've been all over the city this week, although we've only really walked part of it. Farmer's market and library, visiting Dad, spending hours at a splash pad.

Lots and lots of exploring. It's been fun, but I'm tired. We've got a Geoff-working Saturday tomorrow, and today I think we'll go to a local park or schoolyard for a bit, and then putter at home doing chores. ETA: Nope. I have just looked at the mess children have made of their beds, and so we are off to Scarborough Town Centre on the TTC for waterproof sheets. Pray for me.

We acquired a new pet, courtesy of Cynthia. I named him George, and the children are solicitous of his health. They are so caring that I have stuck him up on a high shelf to protect him from their loving care. We're waiting for his/her transformation into a chrysalis. 

Wet, sandy, happy children. Children covered in sunlight and heat and general summer craziness.

The formal academics have slowed way down. Nat is still doing his math, and he's reading, and we're working on The Silver Chair, with Thomas paying intermittent attention. Thomas fell in love with Reepicheep when we watched the (Terrible) Prince Caspian movie, and so payed pretty close attention to lots of Dawn Treader. It's pretty difficult defining knightly honour for small children.  

Same small children are now vociferously demanding attention.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Yesterday we went to the zoo again (I've decided that the summer is for field trips. It's harder to sit and read and do table work right now. We'll get to it. Winter is coming. damn it) and when we got back a good friend came over. Geoff was home briefly and then out to the dojo, but Reg was still here when I heard that Geoff's godfather, Hamish, had died in the afternoon. His godparents are funny and intelligent and fun, and they were some of the people that showed me being an adult didn't have to mean being boring or no longer playing- together, they were artist/drummer/singer/weaver/photographer/book lover/good cooks, and interested in everything. That's a great quality, being interested in everything. And it was formative for me. I met them when I was about fourteen. Christine said last night on the phone that she'll follow my lead, and do a small memorial for Hamish. And then said, "It's interesting that you've already done this recently. But it makes sense. You've always been so much more mature than me."

Darling Christine. We went to talk to them about marriage just before we were married, and Hamish said forcefully, "Why did the church send you to US about marriage? We're an awful example!"

I'm sitting around today, thinking of Hamish, and I'm going to do some chores and console Elizabeth, who is upset that we didn't bring the giraffes home from the zoo. She's telling me that I am going to bake a chocolate cake. Maybe I will. Maybe I'll bake two, and take one over to Christine's, and see if she needs any help.

I hope Hamish and Terry Pratchett are arguing amicably together in Heaven.

Lord, let now Thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A hike

I had a not great night last night, and Mim woke me up at six, but I promised them we'd hike in Taylor Creek today, so I hauled everyone out of the house before it got too hot, and headed out on what turned out to be a long, LONG, very hot hike. Carrying Miriam for at least one hour. Uphill.

This doesn't convey the steepness
So I walked in the hot sun for about three hours, but we saw lots of plans, and the kids got quite a bit of exercise. Someone we passed said there were rabbits around, so all my children started screaming, "Bunnies! Here bunnies! HERE BUNNIES!"

Very surprisingly, we didn't see any wildlife at all.
I'm sure it will work next time. The kids were also really worried about a Lost Dog sign, and spent most of the hike barking furiously in an attempt to call the dog. That also failed. Very sad.

I spent the rest of today basically prone and drinking icewater, but I'm very grateful I did it. I just have to figure out how to make them all that tired without me needing to exert myself, and I'll be all set.


When I went up to tuck Nat in last night, he had three books in bed with him. Geoff will be horrified, and I am pleased. Sleeping with books is hereditary.

He was reading Minecraft for Dummies and two very nice books I got at the museum- Alphabeasts and Monkey Business.

It almost makes it okay that he didn't go to sleep until about eleven.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Yesterday and today

Yesterday we went to the zoo, and it was glorious.
Inherited their parents' map reading skills. We got lost.
Until the end, when Miriam took off and lost one of her annoyingly good and expensive sandals. But aside from that, really good.

Apropos of that, I think it's kind of funny that the zoo put all these glorious big rocks all over, and then put up all these big signs saying "Stay Off The Rocks!!". I know it's because of liability, but it's really setting up for failure. It reminds me a lot of the Life Size Easter Bunny. Don't touch, kids! It's just something hella fun!

So it was great, and now I've done the zoo solo with all four children plus two and a half hour transit ride to get there and back. I am mighty and stuff. Because I was out all yesterday, that makes today Enjoy Netflix, Kids! day. For I must, with mourning and weeping, fold six or seven loads of laundry, organize the kitchen, and clean out the livingroom before it it makes me mental. I also have to stand over the boys with a horsewhip and make them pick up their toys, and remind Thomas every minutes that there is a specific place for laundry, when he invariably forgets. Over and over.

But it's a nice, rainy day, good for relative quiet and lots of inside activity. So once I've had my third cup of tea and woken up, I will definitely start.