Monday, March 28, 2011

Geoff is going to try going to bed early (pause for some hysterical laughter from people who have lived with him. He';s a total night owl) and enforce curfew for 9:30. Last night he almost made it- he was heading to bed at ten, and then said he needed to drink chocolate milk and would be back soon.

So when he arrived at 10:45 I asked what pressing need had kept him from his bed. He had a sudden burning need to learn cuneiform and research ancient Sumerian kings. I am not making this up. I asked him if he expected that there would be a Babylonian renaissance. He said I didn't understand what things were really important in life, and said that Sumerian was necessary for a really rounded education.

Okay, I am elaborating on our conversation a little, because it was late and I was sleepy, but... cuneiform?


priest's wife said...

FUTURE HOMESCHOOLING DAD? You should have him read the first volume of Story of the World

Stuart said...

I wondered what all those clay tablets he asked me to pick up were for...

Off to bed, then to England.

Trattive. Hmm. Requires thought.