Friday, March 11, 2011

I am siting here, weeping with laughter, because Nat just screamed, "Help! Help me, Mommy!" and ran over to have the socks over his hands adjusted. This is following the great I-can't-let-Daddy-take-off-my coat screamfest, and Thomas's first step (after which he flopped on the floor and did his "Let's Party!" dance).

Nat just grabbed the cookies, announced he was going eat them, screamed at me when I took them away, and is now on the stairs in timeout. His blood sugar was 27 at lunch and I don't know why. Thomas was climbing my leg but is now playing with a water bottle. Geoff has been so sick all week that the doctor is kind of worried, and he was up between 4-6 throwing Up.

Now THomas jnsdok wants the keyboard. Bye.


Ann Onimous said...

Did he sneak any cookies? We have to ration cookies around our place. Deirdre will eat and not test or bolus if we don't watch her. Teenagers. :D

Sounds like Nat is just one happy, normal kid.

lissla lissar said...

Yes, although since he turned three it's sort of 40% nice, normal, funny kid and 60% insane screamy dictator with hangups. We're finding 3 about four times as hard as two. Way more tantrums.

No, he didn't get into them. Generally they're kept high up but we had one each with lunch and they were still out. And his sugar was still high so doing things he knows he's not allowed to do sounded even better than usual.