Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I had a blog post idea, but it melted while I was at Costco and I'm waiting for it to re-solidify. I've put it in the fridge. Should be okay in a couple of hours.

I was re-reading The Neverending Story a couple of days ago, and read the part about the root of all joy, which, the author says, is the ability to love- that is the Water of Life that all Fantasticans are lacking, and that our world has in short supply. I've got that and a lot of formless thoughts about how important it is that we choose people we admire as friends. That sounds pretty basic, but in practice it's kind of hard- to you have friends you keep around because they encourage you in vice, or enable you to feel superior? Or do you have people you think are your moral equals or betters? We're blessed with many, many friends who probably keep us around because they're more charitable and loving than we are. We're grateful.

And if the baby would go to sleep instead of shouting, "Naps! Naps are torture! Take the barbed wire out of the crib this instant, you monster!" I would be even more grateful. Sigh.

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