Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm home for a couple of hours. Geoff and Nat are still in hospital, Nat's on IV, which he hates, and I think he stopped throwing up about three. We were woken up about every forty minutes or so for various medical procedures. I'm nursing Thomas (who slept through the night for his grandparents- I'm farming him out for sleep training) and getting changed and possibly sleeping for an hour before going back.

Nat has a normal stomach flu b and I'm really hoping he'll be able to come home this evening. Big Green Frog is in the dryer- Nat fountained everywhere every five minutes. It was amazing.

I hope Geoff's all right. We're both on about two hours interrupted sleep.

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Ann Onimous said...

Dear Lord. Having any kid of illness is so hard: but it's harder on our kids. Hope Nat feels better soon: you all will be in our prayers. Keep us posted.