Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's been busy and awful- I put my back out, Nat did some toilet training, I found out that he pees roughly every two or three minutes, I caught him peeing into pieces of lego just after spraying the baby in the face with the cleaning spray. He insisted that Thomas was dirty and required cleaning.

Thomas is taking two steps and falling down. He spreads his food in a 2-metre radius and signals mealtime is over by experimenting with gravity.

Cynthia and I went to the Vintage Clothing and Textile Show yesterday. We've been going (I think) since we were about sixteen, almost every year. I was a professional bad influence and Cynthia bought three dresses, Forties and Fifties. I bought one, late Thirties, cream with pale grey and pink stripes and an abstract spiderweb design. I'll put up pics later. I didn't buy any Edwardian lace gowns, so that was a win. I love 1900-1920.

Must go, baby is at my knee howling.

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