Monday, March 07, 2011

Ow. I am coming down with the cold that has felled my household, and I haven't seen our remaining cat all morning. I have a bad feeling, since she's normally obnoxious in her affection for humans.

I should clean the house up since we have three extra small children to lunch, but I feel stuffy and awful, so instead I will sit here and read blogs and think about cooking for the Pancake Tuesday thing. Tristan will make cottage cheese pancakes and I'll make regular pancakes and we'll have sausage and to heck with nutritional anything!


Anonymous said...

Bacon, Bacon? Shall I pick some up? Do you need me to get maple syrup? I was also thinking of doing some fruit topping thing, maybe I should just call you. - Cynthia

lissla lissar said...

Yes, glad you did. I actually get to leave the house alone- dentist's appointment- so I was thinking about frozen raspberries in some of the pancakes.