Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks, everyone. We appreciate the support. I'm back, and Geoff's staying with Nat overnight. I'm praying for them- when I left Nat was feverish with spiking blood sugar and diarrhea, and saying angrily, "I don't like this, Mommy! I want this to stop, Mommy!". We're hoping he'll be able to come home on Thursday. He needs to be able to hold food down and for the fever to break.

The day was a blur of blood monitoring and trying to persuade Nat to vomit into a bowl and not all over me, the bed, his Frog, holding him while he watched cartoons, talking to doctors, waiting. We were initially in the room right next to the examination room where he was first diagnosed.

Sylvia came over and has been cleaning and is now giving Thomas a bath while I eat dinner and type. I'm going back to the hospital in the morning and sending Geoff home for a bit. I'm worried about them both and trying not to worry, because worry is useless.

Time for quiet and a snuggly baby and then bed.


Ann Onimous said...

My heart hurts for you, my friend. Sending prayers still for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Nat. I agree with the "I don't like this" sentiment. That's my first thought any time I'm sick. I hope he can keep food down soon. And you can all get some sleep.