Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thomas will be one year old in two days. In the past couple of weeks my chubby cuddly baby has lengthened and skinnied out into a slim almost-toddler. He's spent a lot of today standing up and doing deep knee-bends, and laughing. He's very proud of himself.

He's adorable and kissable and almost a kid instead of a baby and I feel all soppy and sad. I didn't used to like babies. Becoming a parent really is a quick induction into the Hallmark Suck Club.

Nat's blood sugar was very high at bedtime and he's got a bad cough and I think Geoff has gone to bed in his room so that he can be right there during the coughing fits and night terrors tonight, and ready to test him during the night.

I'm going to do a couple of chores and then go to sleep.

Lorraine, if you're reading this, I ordered two copies of Sweet Kids, and they should be here within two weeks at the outside.

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