Sunday, March 20, 2011

Urgh. The party was very good, but Nat started getting sick, which means his blood sugar skyrocketed, and he was up from 11-1:30 coughing and crying and feeling sick. Mr. Lissar is sick again, and was up a lot of the night with Nat and slept in his room. I was up with stomach problems and listeing to Nat cry.

We're all kind of tired today, and we're checking Nathaniel for ketones every couple of hours and giving him extra insulin.

Actually, the party was fantastic. I had a really good time. I hope everyone else did, too.

I missed a good argument about multiculturalism because of having to go to bed, but Geoff's been telling me about it and I've been arguing with Hugh without him getting to answer back, on account of not being here. I win!

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