Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Because it makes me feel a little more like I can prepare and control truly uncontrollable events (Nat getting sick and needing to go to the hospital) I'm trying to think of nearly infinitely shelf-stable foods to pack in a small kit so I can grab it on the way out the door, or the next day. It has to be food we'll actually eat. MRE are right out.

So far my list is pathetic:

Tea and sugar
A couple of cans of soup
A tupperware container for heating the soup up in

I'm sure there's other stuff. Ramen? I know I won't eat many granola bars and will instead get a box of Timbits from the doughnut shop and I know I'm not going to eat the flavoured tuna although now that I think about it, that might be a good snack for Geoff. Anyway, I'm hoping this won't happen again for a year or so but I'd like to have something prepared. Any ideas?

ETA: While I know that fast food is the devil and Burger King should not have had a franchise at Sick Kids etc. I was very sad last week that they were gone. I wanted something to eat at 2 a.m., I wanted a lot of calories and I didn't want to have to chew. Instead we got a doughnut assortment because Burger King was kicked out. I'm not sure that the sickeningly-sweet goopy doughnuts we got were actually nutritionally superior to crummy hamburgers. At least they contained protein and not just sugar. And the Tim Hortons in Sick Kids doesn't even do sandwiches, just doughnuts and muffins. Sigh


Anonymous said...

Boxes of cereal? I can't live without cereal so that would be on my list. Then you could just pick up a pint of milk, which places like Tim Hortons usually have. (Or at least Dunkin Donuts usually has pints of milk and I assume that TH is similar.) Or buy something that you wouldn't mind eating dry.

A jar of peanut butter/almond butter/cashew butter and a box of crackers.

Dried fruit.


That's what comes to my mind.


Willa said...

Can you make or buy some trail mix? I got a long way on that. I used to have an ER bag sitting in my closet.

lissla lissar said...

Lots of good suggestions. i wonder how long the trail mix would keep if it were sealed, without going stale? I'm hoping this won't reoccur for a year. I guess I could eat and replace as it got close to expiry.

Isabelle said...

A few things that leap to mind and that haven't been mentioned yet:
- Packets of instant oatmeal
- Instant soups (cup-a-soup, miso, etc) and ramen
- Larabars or other good-quality snack/granola bars
- Snack cups (fruit, pudding, applesauce)

You'd probably still need to rotate your supply every 6-12 months since even those foods won't keep indefinitely, but it's certainly better than Timbits. :P

lissla lissar said...

Is there anything really better than Timbits?

Wait. Yes, there is. Lots.