Friday, April 08, 2011

I have a few blog posts banging around in my head, but I'm suddenly exhausted. We've gotten through this whole week with no medical emergencies, which is thrilling, and we've had the first day in two weeks where Nat's blood sugar was stable, which is awesome. He was pretty fun and reasonable and cute and funny today. He only had about four little meltdowns. It was good.

Thomas is teething and was all snuffly and Mommy-I-love-only-you-No!-don't-put-me-down!, but it was okay, because only one of the kids was clingy and needy.

Next week is the last week before Holy Week. The JW who occasionally stops by came today with an invitation to a celebration of Jesus' death and resurrection, which according to them happens on Palm Sunday (I need a squinchy-face emoticon) and we had a short conversation about how this was the only thing He commanded us to and I said, "Well, except for the Eucharist", and found out she doesn't know what that is, and, yeah. She's so young and earnest and doesn't know her Bible or any theology. Argh.

I don't think we'll go. I think we'll try to get to Palm Sunday, instead, even though Thomas is inconveniently napping at Mass-time. We could split it up and Baby and I could go tomorrow and Nat and Geoff on Sunday? I don't know.

We need two more weeks of vegetarian food. I could eat tarka daal and naan for every meal, but Geoff says no. Nat could (and would like to) eat Cheerios and Mini-Wheats for every meal, but his parents meanly say No. Geoff hasn't yet requested only sushi, but if he does it'll give me the opportunity to say No, and then the only one without unfulfilled food preferences will be Thomas, who eats anything including dirt and cat hair.

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