Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I was talking about premarital counselling with my very wise and thoughtful friend Judith last week. We agreed that most of it sucked, and that it was hard to get really anything worked through with an engaged couple because everything will be fine! We're in love!!!, which is a necessary and good state but not a good time for a lot of advice. And then she said something amazing and wonderful. She said, "I think churches should offer marriage counselling after the first year and the fourth year. You'll actually have issues to work through then."

This is brilliant and perfect and I wish I could think of a way to make it work, although in further conversation with my brilliant and wise friend Erika (hi, Erika!) we agreed that it would be hard to institute- churches can get away with requiring premarital counselling as a hoop you have to jump, but if the couples aren't regular churchgoers (look, we're trying to go to Mass, okay? Every single weekend has been illness or injury for months!) then it's hard to yank 'em back in for stuff after the first year, when they've discovered that The sound of you flossing at night makes me want to hang myself!!!.

In other news, everyone is sort of limping towards getting better although Nat's appetite suddenly far outstripped his insulin dose yesterday and we couldn't figure out why he was screaming and starving and then we did his bedtime reading at it was 33. He's supposed to be between 5 and 12. He must have been feeling miserable.

I've eaten toast today, which is a big improvement on yesterday, when I drank genmaitcha and juice.

Oh, and thanks, Tristan, for the kombucha. It was very good. Haven't tried the mountain tea yet.

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