Monday, April 04, 2011

I've got it but it's not so bad. Thomas is Clingy Baby and Nat is Shouty Toddler and everyone but Nat is Off Food although I believe Geoff just hopefully ordered some sushi and miso. I think I've lost about ten pounds in the last week.

If you are, for instance, at the hospital rushing around the drugstore and you remember you need shampoo and pick some up, and then use it a little later and discover that it's conditioner, and the perhaps your husband makes fun of you for not checking he label and promises to buy some...

And he picks some up after work the next day.

And then you notice that he has not, in fact, bought shampoo, you may feel unnecessarily smug for the next few days, after you go shopping, read the labels very carefully, and buy shampoo.

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