Friday, April 01, 2011

Nathaniel's blood sugar just dropped again and he's refusing to eat or drink, so I re-administered a mini-dose of Glucagon and am hoping it doesn't make him throw up. I'm gong to try really hard to make him eat something with carbs and fat when he wakes up from his nap- chocolate, cookies, a piece of toast with butter and jam. He's only eating tiny amounts and it's really hard having to chase his insulin to keep him from bottoming out. Tomorrow I'm reducing his dose a lot.

God, I love You, and this is hard. Please take care of my baby and give us patience and wisdom.


Isabelle said...

Poor Gnat. :( Sending lots of healing thoughts his way (and lots of sympathy your way). Hope he's back to his usual cookie-stealing self soon.

lissla lissar said...

Thanks. He was much better today. I'm glad you're over your evil cold. It sounded horrible, but the pea soup recipe looks marvelous. :)