Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Sea Monkeys just died a tragic, sad, horrible death. We only had two left. Hugh (who purchased them and I'm going to give his kids Sea Monkeys when he's got some) examined the tank yesterday and pronounced them horrible. Geoff called them swimming brine centipedes. The dratted things seem to have eaten each other, and they were disgusting.

And now I'm having paranoid visions of revenge-filled zombie Sea Monkeys crawling up the drain. They're not very scary visions. The things were only about a centimetre in total slimy gross length.


Sally Thomas said...

Well, to quote my mother-in-law, on the subject of a long-ago artificially-colored Easter chick owned by her children:

"Well, you know those dyed things don't live."

The same can be said of sea centipedes. I know: we've had them, too.

lissla lissar said...

You can dye chicks?

Of course you can. That's what markers are for.