Saturday, April 09, 2011

Right. I just spent ten frustrating minutes trying to convince Google that I have a blog and that my email and blog names are valid. Seems to have worked just to post a comment and log in that way.

I have red peppers, canned tomatoes, and two omnivorous and grateful people coming for dinner tonight (Hugh and Reg. We're going to make popcorn and listen to them argue. It'll be fun. No, really- I plan to make popcorn and listen). Cauliflower is on sale, too. I was trying to work up some kind of red pepper cauliflower cheese pasta thing but the tastes aren't combining well on my mind's tongue. I could do a tomato red pepper pasta with cheese caulflower on the side but that seems like too much work. Requires further thought.

Geoff and Nat and I were working in the garden for the first time this year, and when Thomas wakes up we're going to the park and then out for ice cream and home.

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