Saturday, April 16, 2011

We read about Jesus washing his disciples' feet yesterday and since Nat's sort of obsessed with washing things he had to do it today, even though I pointed out it actually happens on Thursday. He's a bit confused between reading about the walls of Jericho and Palm Sunday and Good Friday. I think he think we walk around blowing horns while Jesus does the Last Supper and the Easter Bunny lays eggs.

We're coming off a week of near-total sleep loss. Geoff was away until 2 on Wednesday editing a book with Sensei, Nat's been having bad night terrors, and everyone is tired and cross. I'm hoping Holy Week is good, and also hoping that if Thomas won't let me go to Mass tomorrow morning maybe I can make it to Holy Name in the afternoon?

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Erika said...

Hi, Kyra. I hope you have a nice holy week. David has two appointments tomorrow, so I'll be in touch early in the week to let you know what's up (if anything).