Wednesday, April 06, 2011

World's lamest give-away!!!

Geoff got free candy today. Cadbury's has offices at his building, and we occasionally end up with free stuff. I remember a painful interval when I had to unload a whole box of their peanut butter chocolate bars per week on my poor co-workers. Which is what, five pounds of chocolate? I don't love chocolate that much. I also got something like fifty Creme Eggs just after Nat was born. Ugh.

Anyway, this time it was Swedish Berries and Wine Gums (I love both of those, no problem there) and a one-kilogram box of liquorice allsorts!

None of us like them. We tried them on Nat, who normally loves anything with sugar, and he didn't like them. So we have an opened 1kg box of the things! Someone take them! Anyone (preferably someone in Toronto?)

Isabelle? Sylvia? Tristan and your omnivorous family? Stuart? Rowan?



Rowan said...

Ha, no wai dude.

Isabelle said...

I'll eat almost anything, but licorice allsorts? Hells no.
(Thank you for the kind offer, though... please do think of me if you ever end up with a walloping huge pile of Creme Eggs ever again)

lissla lissar said...

Sure. The last time was just before we re-encountered each other over the Straight Dope. :)

Capom- a kind of capon? I got nuttin.

Tristian said...

I'm afraid we've already got a bucket of those things sitting on my dining room table. That no one has opened. Or looked at. Even a little bit.

theache - what I'd get if I ate any of those things.

lissla lissar said...

Dammit. We'll have to bury the things in the dead of night.

You can't have the Swedish Berries. The Swedish Berries are my friend. I should go eat some now before going to bed so all my teeth will fall out while I'm asleep.

Why aren't I asleep now? I should be asleep.

lissla lissar said...

Right. Why can't I log in to blogger? Why is insisting that I don't have a blog? I don't understand!