Monday, May 09, 2011

Because the kids were up a lot of the night, and so was I, and because I am miserably sick with a summer cold, I bought a sets of Beatrix Potter dvds while we were at Costco. My reasoning ran thus- Nat likes Beatrix Potter. This set has The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Mrs. Tiggywinkle and The Tailor of Gloucester on it, all of which he loves (and teach him about 18th century fashion! He wanted to know what taffeta was!) It may also buy me some lying-down time. So what if I'm not actually reading to him?

I feel all loopy, and tired, and am getting to the 'sod it, no cleaning and we'll eat from the freezer or get takeout' pre-guest stage. Luckily I made huge batches of soup and chili spaghetti sauce over the weekend, and I can pretty much bake bread in my sleep.

I'll get the rooms arranged tomorrow. It took me five tries to spell 'arranged', and two to spell 'me'. Augh.

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