Sunday, May 01, 2011

I just made a stew with yellow tomatoes, thyme, lemon, and meatballs. It was very nice. I also made, at Nigella Lawson's suggestion, pan-fried potato gnocchi. THEY WERE FANTASTIC. You put a package of gnocchi in a hot pan with olive oil, fry them for a couple of minutes, turn them over, and fry them for a couple more minutes. And then you eat them. They were like very good hash brown and soft dumplings and fries combined.

We are going to stock up on tonnes of packages of gnocchi. I wonder if you can do it with the flavoured ones. I will be trying it.



Isabelle said...

Why did I not know about these delicious fried gnocchi before? My life is suddenly greyer and sadder for lack of such deliciousness. I must make some tonight.

lissla lissar said...

You must. They're perfect.

They would be great as alternative to hash browns with fried eggs. They take about six minutes.


Tristian said...

Frying things in lots of oil seems to be a thing for Nigella. Her smashed potatoes (replace gnocchi with mini-potatoes you've smashed the crap out of) are really good.