Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In very nice news, we're thinking of doing the international student thing (hosting an English-learning student person) and have a meeting on Friday to see if we qualify. We needed a furnished bedroom by Friday. We already have a bed, chair, and hideous chest of drawers, which Geoff thought was too ugly to wish on anyone else.

While Geoff was putting Nat to bed, Thomas and I went for a walk and visited some neighbours. I mentioned that we needed to pick up some cheap furniture, and Nelly, who a) loves babies, and b) knows everything that goes on in the block said, "oh, Bob and Amy (very elderly Japanese couple who live a couple of doors down from us) are moving out in a few months and need to get rid of lots of furniture. Let's go ask them."

(I'm very sad they're moving. They're my Dad's generation and they're the block grandparents and everyone adores them).

Bob used to be a carpenter/cabinetmaker. He made about half their furniture. He said, "Sure! There's a dresser upstairs, come look."

Nelly performed the money negotiations. Bob said ten dollars. Nelly asked me how much I was going to spend on a cheap set, I said fifty. Bob argued that that was too much. We now have this totally beautiful solid wood handmade dresser in our livingroom. It was twenty dollars, and we haven't even paid him yet. He also wants to give us the foldout sofa and possibly a huge set of others that look sort of Japanese-ish. Wow.

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