Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It is not huge amounts of fun to find that you stowed a half-full bottle of milk in your purse last week. Nope. I think Nat drank half of it when we were out getting lunch. I will henceforth throw away any unfinished beverages, because kid-sized milk bottles disappear in my generally awesome Very Large Shoulderbag.

On the Very Large Shoulders front, I noticed that I have visible arm muscles. They cast faint shadows. It's weird. I attribute it to pushing the stroller with both kids uphill a lot.

Judith and I are going on an exciting fun date to Costco tomorrow, without any kids. She's seeing if she wants to get a membership. The spinach cheese pie they've started stocking is worth the membership. We can wander around without anyone screaming at us. If we get lonely, we can scream at each other.

Geoff and I are going to hear Kathleen Norris speak on Sunday. She's doing stuff at my Mum's convent (parsing: the convent my Mum is an associate at. Nope. Still terrible. I give up). Kathleen Norris is one of my favourite writers- she's a Prebyterian revert, poet and writer, Benedictine oblate, and she's a wonderful speaker. My parents and a teenager up the street are going to babysit. Thomas has never been put to bed by anyone else, and may be awful, but all of them get to go home to their quiet beds, and I get to go out in the evening!!! I'm very excited.


Ann said...

Ooh, I'm jealous about Kathleen Norris! I love her work. I need to get another copy of The Cloister Walk - mine was loaned out and never returned. :(

lissla lissar said...

That's really too bad. If you lived nearer I'd loan you mine. She's giving her talk on her latest book, Acedia and Me, which was fantastic. I am excited.