Friday, May 13, 2011

It was three days (or two and half) of total joyful chaos, plus illness. The chaos was somewhat controlled by Cynthia and Stuart's heroic interventions (they kid-wrangled and cleaned everything. My fridge is very tidy) and I'm still recovering from laryngitis and a bad cold. It was a very good time.

Unfortunately Nat threw up sometime in the night and didn't tell us, so I tried to wash the contents of his crib, and now the washer's broken, filled with soapy water and Nat's favourite stuffed toy. I think the washers sort of melted part of his quilt- it's mangled and sort of glassy. I'm waiting for the landlord to call the repairman, and thinking about anyone we can farm laundry out to- we had houseguests, there's lots of laundry.

I'm going to try to go to the Yeshu Satsang (Indian music and worship thing) at my parents' church this evening, just for a little while. Christine will come and sit here and read a book and be present, after I put the children to bed. Geoff's out teaching tonight, and I kind of want out, just for a short time. I'm not sure what I need is new experiences- I might need twelve hours in a dark room with no stimulation- but failing that being outside the house sounds good.

Nat's watching Beatrix Potter while I try to tidy, fret about the laundry, and hang out online. Thomas is beautifully, peacefully asleep.

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