Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just got back from Costco, and fed the kids Instant Costco Lunch (carrots, ham, some pita). I've put together a batch of granola and was sitting peacefully, but now Nat has come over to tell me he'll die if he doesn't eat the granola I made right now. He just fell dramatically to the floor beside me. Now he's wriggling. I should probably go make him a snack.

While I was there I bought a giant bag of chipds. My reasoning went: I am going to impulse-buy chips when we're on a normal grocery-store run. I could buy them there, for more money, or I could admit I want chips and pay less now. So we have chips.

I'm going to make some strawberry granita for me and the kids, who are ice cream fiends. I figure I can tell them it's strawberry ice cream, and they'll be eating lots of strawberries, which they love, and dessert will be relatively good and low-fat.

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