Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Nat had a bad blood sugar low last night, so I stayed up feeding him icing and re-testing him. Thomas woke at six and wanted to nurse and snuggle. I'm a bit tired today, and it's raining for the 123499th day in a row. Not telling the truth- it was sunny yesterday for a while, but every morning I look out, thinking of playgrounds, and see grey skies and drizzle. Bah. On the bright side I've just put the snowsuits away. Surely we won't need them again, right? (Cue blizzard)

I've got a chicken poaching in the slow cooker and Nat playing playdough next to me. I'm looking for more intensely physical but not terminally messy crafts for little ones. We experimented with gack (cornstarch and water) today but Nat was kind of freaked out by it.

Now Nat is asking me what "fought" means, and I am trying to explain past, present, and future, with reference to the Passover. Yesterday he wanted to know where God was, and now we're explaining animal sacrifice and grammar.

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