Friday, May 20, 2011

Some quick takes

1. Since Christine wants me to go in and talk to her kids about Medieval fashion in a few weeks, I went into the clothes storage and poked around, confident I'd find my bliaut.
I didn't. No idea where it went. Can I have thrown it out? So I've been scrounging and sewing and have made a new, much more ghetto bliaut out of some dark blue fake linen we had, and I'm making an underdress today. The picture above is not my old one. It's much nicer than my old one.

2. Potty training is not much fun. Nat still needs to be put on the potty every twenty minutes, which gets kind of tiring. We will persevere.

3. Thomas was sitting on the floor, jamming a stalk of asparagus into a plastic container and singing to himself.

4. There were ants all over the counter this morning. They hitchhiked up on Aerin's food dish, and thought they'd found Paradise, because I hadn't really cleaned up after dinner. Then they all suffered the fate of the Egyptians at the Red Sea. Nat's very hung up on Moses right now, so everything gets compared to either What Happened to the Israelites or Why He Needs Ice Cream.

5. We're having someone Geoff and I knew in high school over for dinner tomorrow. I haven't seen her since I was married, Geoff's run into her a few times and is teaching her karate. She's also got Type 1 diabetes, and was diagnosed seven years ago. It will be interesting to talk to her about it.

6. I should be sewing. No, I should be cleaning. I don't want to.

7. It's finally warm, which means it's hot, and I may start running through my slightly absurd collection of summer dresses, which may get more absurd because I've just started sewing again, and i tend to go in spurts.

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