Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Because I feel kind of awful today, I am wearing my Favourite Dress. I made it many years ago, and inserted a zipper last year so I could nurse in it. I think I look like a chic, Bohemian, young, cute girl in it, which is probably delusional, but it cheers me up. Also, some of my neighbours think I am under thirty. That cheers me up, too.

And a necklace. Nat seems to have gotten over his obsessive dislike of necklaces.

We bought strawberries, wet garlic, garlic scapes, green onions, and asparagus at the market.

I really need sleep/caffeine.


Anonymous said...

I have radishes, spinach, green onions and new potatoes grown in a greenhouse. i also have a good quantity of organic hormone free meat. There are more cows up here than produce fields.

lissla lissar said...

Assuming Cynth?