Monday, June 27, 2011

I am getting almighty tired of Thomas's new refusal to sleep. He wouldn't take an afternoon nap, then crashed at six, and now, in his head, it's about seven o'clock even though it's actually after ten. I have a terrible feeling he's going to stay awake his normal five to seven hours post-nap, and I'll be getting to bed at midnight or two. I wish I'd sent him out to the dojo and then the bar with Geoff. He used to relase tension and fall asleep after crying for a while. Right now he can scream for two hours, easily.

I don't like that.

Yesterday it worked to sit beside him and shush, but tonight he's just not tired. I'm also dreading Nat's almost inevitable wakeup and having to take his cheerful baby brother in while I argue about whether or now Nat has to sleep or whether it would be fine to scream at me instead.

I am a little cranky. Thomas is playing behind me. I am thinking of selling him.

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