Sunday, June 26, 2011

I did not kill Thomas, even though he took five hours to go back to sleep, and is right now screaming about the unfairness of naps. Five hours. We went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood at three in the morning.

Today is not a good day for thinking. It may not be a good day for much. He spent about two of the five hours screaming his head off in the crib. We were pretty sure that our international student would be packing up this morning, but he didn't hear anything and also is the second of five brothers, so he may be impervious to noise. We are very, very grateful.

So far, he seems extremely nice, relaxed, and funny. Geoff got to talk for about an hour about martial arts, and Asim actually asked to hold Thomas, which is fantastic. Five brothers!

Also, his name seems to be pronounced "Awesome", which is great.

Oh, Thomas, go to sleep. No one is hurting you.

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GT said...

Boo on Thomas not sleeping! Especially the screamy parts.

Yay on Awesome Asim!