Friday, June 10, 2011

I forgot to mention that Aerin got out while we were packing up last Saturday, and hasn't returned. I don't feel very sad, and I feel guilty for not feeling sad- the kids love her, she was patient (red:too stupid to get out of the way) and very cuddly, but she also woke us up a lot, wrecked our stuff, and was starting to throw up all the time. So, if she comes back, good, the kids get to tackle her and wuv her, and if she doesn't, I don't have to clean up when she mistakes a beloved picture book for her litterbox again.

I do hope she's found some people to feed her, but in her lifetime she's wrecked a featherbed, five books, a blanket, three laundry bags, innumerable loads of laundry, and my patience. Thew best was when she somehow managed to over an open cardboard box of sword and bayonets in order to pee on them. Gahh.


Stuart said...

I'm thinking I'll tell people that soldiers peed on their bayonets to induce sepsis in their enemies.

Yeah, that'll explain the smell.

lissla lissar said...

Yeah. You just have to hope they don't say, "Hey, wait. That smells like CAT pee, not human"...

Of course, you could explain that they were carried by a new race of proto-human/feline genetically engineered soldiers.