Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I think I've defeated the ants. For a time, at least.

Nat watched The Yellow Submarine with his grandparents (Geoff's dad, primarily, who is a huge Beatles fan) and has started responding, "Boom!" to anything that crosses his will or makes him angry. He's trying to turn us into statues. He's a Blue Meany. This took me until yesterday to figure out.

Thomas is hypersonic if annoyed right now. He was yelling at a phone this morning, at the library. It's a story phone- push buttons, hear story- but he's never met a phone with a cord before. He kept reaching the end of the cord, falling down, turning round, and telling it off in the worst non-language he can manage. He goes bright red. It's pretty funny.

Nat is almost nearly completely potty trained. It's very exciting. It's also exciting that while I've got Nat on the toilet, Thomas is usually running amok, which is particularly fun in public washrooms. He likes to stick his hands in the toilets. Okay, we've only had this happen twice so far, but it's unnerving. When we're at home he's generally trying to insert the toilet paper into the radiator.

I guess I could tie him to a stake or use duct tape, instead. I don't really want to leave him in the stroller while I take Nat in places to go potty, but I may have to. The 12-18 month age is so totally adorable and crazy-making. "No, Mommy! I simply must electrocute myself and eat broken glass! Oh, look! A truck! Let's go see if it wants to be friends!"


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