Thursday, June 16, 2011

I think there's a correlation- the worse the kids sleep, the nicer I dress. Then I don't feel so much like heck. Thomas didn't sleep well, and neither did Nat, second day running. Today I am wearing a perfectly amazing outfit, and got three compliments on it at the play centre.

If I could find the camera I'd provide pictures. I'm wearing a low-cut black top, and a beautiful tailored black skirt with flowers painted on it, which I got from Isabelle at the last clothing swap.

If the weather stays nice-ish we'll go to the playground and farmers market (does that need an apostrophe? Sleep-deprived brain doesn't know).

Nat's getting most of his theology from Veggie Tales right now. He's playing with playdough and singing, "I don't got no bellybutton." behind me, except he corrects the grammar, which is pretty funny. A few minutes ago he asked me to make a playdough mermaid "with a person body and octopus legs, please."

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