Friday, June 17, 2011

Lo, Thomas slept through the night, and Nat almost slept through the night, and I am dead tired. Nat's at his grandparents until dinner time, and we all just went grocery shopping .Thomas demanded his nap early, so I'm trying to figure out priorities- unload dishwasher, put away groceries, have nap, have shower, cook large pot of pasta sauce.

The Loblaws near my Mum and Dad's has a new item in stock- Better than Bouillon! I made an excited squealing noise inappropriate for the grocery aisles, and Thomas stared at me. About half the price of Whole Foods, and I don't have to try to get there anymore. To celebrate, we're going to have risotto tonight, probably with peas and cheese in it.

I'm having trouble spelling, which I think is a clear sign that the things I should do now are shower and then have a nap and then eat lunch. Yes.

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