Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A neighbour gave me two dresses and three tank tops this morning. I guess we should all stop going barefoot- it makes our neighbours feel sorry for our impoverished household.

No, wait, I like getting hand-me-downs. I think I'll sew some burlap patches on the kids' clothes so they look even more down-at-heel.

I'm planning on wearing one of them out for my Hot Date with Stuart next week- he and I both like Mexican food, and Geoff doesn't, so Geoff will stay home with our children. Cynthia heard about this and became jealous, so after she gets back from the Far North I've got a hot date with her for Mexican, too, which is all kinds of odd, to be in a food-based-adulterous-relationship with both halves of a couple. Oh, well. Two nights out with totally fabulous food and probably margaritas. Fine with me.

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