Thursday, June 09, 2011

Right. Weekend of the 24th it is for student arrival, yes. Why do I sound like Yoda?

Nat's with my parents today, and I got up at 6:30, which is very early for me. I had only one night wake-up, and felt splendid. So far today I have:

-Washed Nat's sheets and quilt
-Cooked five loaves of bread and three pounds of black beans
-Organized both freezers and the fridge
-Vacuumed a little (going to really clean the floors tomorrow)
-Tidied Nat's room and our room
-Taken out three loads of garbage, two of compost, and two of recycling
-Nursed Thomas a lot
-Tidied our bedroom

I haven't done any really big organizing yet, but I think I'm pretty much out of steam. Thomas and I will go to the Farmers Market soon, and I'll start thinking about dinner eventually. It might be bread and cheese and asparagus and strawberries. No-one will complain.

Looking around, there's a lot of kids' stuff on the floor, but that's something I usually leave for after they've fallen asleep. I might try to reorganize parts of the livingroom. Maybe. I'd also like to pretty up our bedroom a little- it's very obviously a place where we sleep and dump clean laundry.

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