Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, that was exciting

One of the boards on the back porch has been uncertain and starting to crack for a week or two. Today Reg fell through it, and one other plank. Up to his hip. There's a big hole in our back porch. He wasn't hurt, and graciously pointed out a couple of times that it was a blessing it was him, and not me, carrying Thomas, and right behind him.


The kids were pretty scared, and so was I, but he only got slight bruising.

I don't like watching people fall through the floor. It makes me existentially anxious.


Steve Finnell said...

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lissla lissar said...

Erm, very nice, but I suspect you're spamming me, because I just took a look at your blog, and I suspect you haven't read anything here. I'm a Catholic convert. I don't believe in Sola Scriptura.

The guy who fell through our porch does, though. I can send him a link if you'd like.

Ann Onimous said...

*round of applause* :)