Friday, February 17, 2012

Aside from a higher number of diaper changes, the girls are somewhat less trouble than Nat was at this age, and certainly quieter and let me get more sleep. On the down side, I haven't sprouted any extra arms, and I'm not sure how to manage a crying baby, a nursing baby, a four-year-old who needs me to fix his lego, and a toddler who wants to see if the babies' fingers are firmly attached, all at once.

I'm sure there's a logical way to do this. It's like the problem of the goat, tiger, and bale of hay, right?

Also, Geoff has finally come around to my way of thinking, after putting away five loads of laundry yesterday- we'll become nudists. There may be some slight problems with nudism in Canada in February, with preemies, but I'm sure we can work them out.

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