Monday, February 27, 2012

Behold, I am a powerhouse for ten minutes every morning. After I woke up I put away all the maternity clothes (they were stacked on shelves) in a bin, after emptying said bin of non-maternity clothes (which I hope to wear- some of them will fit now) and purged a lot of things I will never wear. So they're ready for Goodwill.

Yesterday our next-door neighbour brought over two enormous bags mostly filled with crocheted and knitted babywear that her mother had made sometime in the sixties and seventies, from the styles. She said, "If you can use any of it, great. If not, toss it." SO I sorted it and suggested to Geoff that the apricot skitted vest covered in loops of yarn would be perfect for Nat (with matching hat! Looks like Muppets died to make it!) and he reacted by scuttling fearfully into the kitchen, cowering. Some of it was very nice, and a lot of it was nice-but-I'm-not-putting-my-kids-in-it. Like knitted turtleneck pastel dresses in acrylic.

Sounds like the girls are exploding out of their clothes behind me. I should probably do something about that before Nat gets home.

Thomas has learned to say, 'door', 'bear', and 'knees'.

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