Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thank you, Jocelyn and Kevin, for the food containing vegetables. I'm going to eat it for lunch. Possibly all of it, because of the insane nursing-twins appetite. I've started eating Nutella with a spoon, for the calories.

The girls continue to be very good, and sleep about twenty-two hours a day. The boys continue to be insane, and Nat is still alive by the skin of his teeth. Geoff is going to take him to the Science Centre this afternoon, to give him some running-around-being-insane time, which I think he needs. Actually, the kids have been very good, considering that they've stayed inside for most of the last month. Normally by this point everyone would be dead from tempers flaring, and parental ability to throw children out windows.

We're not trying to go to Mass or out much, because we're scared of small children plague-vector effect. I'm sure that in another few weeks I'll be ready to try taking all of them somewhere. Hoe, I haven't actually figured out yet, because I can't carry both babies at the same time. Maybe we'll do divided-family trips?

I actually cooked yesterday, and made something I've decided is Mexican goulash, modeled on the chili that Alicia and Richard brought. I cubed up an eye of round and stewed it with chili powder, chipotle peppers, cumin, carrots, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, and some spinach. It wasn't very much like chili, but it did contain lots of vegetables and there's lots left over and in the freezer. It tasted

What I really want is to eat an entire cake or lemon meringue pie. I could make gingerbread or an almond cake today, if my energy holds out. Or I could sleep.

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