Wednesday, March 07, 2012

All the children are still alive.

Actually, Nat and Thomas were away all day, and it was very relaxing until they got home. Thomas has been having screaming tantrums since he got back, partly because of tiredness, partly because of hunger (he's suddenly gotten really picky, which is not delightful), and mostly because I think he has two molars coming in at once. We need more ibuprofen or I'm going to strangle him, which would be sad, because he's so very cute most of the time.

Anyway, they're all alive, and I'm re-reading The Dark is Rising, because I missed reading it on Midwinter Day, which I usually do, because that's the day the Dark starts rising, right?

We got a present sent from Geoff's work for the twins. No recognition when Nathaniel or Thomas was born, but the girls get bath stuff, a pack of washcloths, and matching sets of blankets-and-weird-stuffed-animals, made of fleece. They look like pudgy pastel Rastafarian bears in skirts. Weird.

I'm working on the tentative beginnings of a homeschool plan for the fall. Pray for me.

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