Monday, March 05, 2012

The babies are colour-coded

Miriam's usually in pink and Elizabeth is in purple. My aunt has taken the boys off to the drop-in centre, so I should be doing very fast chores instead of putting up pictures, but lo, I have an excuse- I am eating breakfast. Well, drinking, since it's some of the smoothie. And starting the first of my umpteen gazillion litres of water per day. Geoff says it's like outsourcing going to the bathroom- I don't have to, because instead, I hand all the liquid over to the girls, and I just have to change forty diapers a day.

Which reminds me that I should call the diaper delivery people, whom we are going to be supporting, and probably providing diamond jewelry and cruises for, and tell them that we need another seven million delivered this week.


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lissla lissar said...

Thank you. I think the kids are adorable, too. Sometimes I even think that when I'm about to throw them out the window, they're being so annoying. That's pretty cute.

They're at their very cutest, I think, when they're all asleep.