Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello to everyone who has wandered over from Facebook. It never occurred to me that when I posted the link that anyone would actually come over and start reading, and so I am surprised. Especially Hi Sylvia and Colleen. Oh, and Steph. Anyone else I know in real life who has started reading, please feel free to comment and let me know, so I am less flabbergasted when you casually mention you read this thing.

I should be labelling and organizing the babies' clothes right now, but Thomas is asleep upstairs and I don't want to risk waking him. Both of the girls have grown out of several outfits, and I'm not sure what to do with them- keep in case of someone I know having preemie girls? Donate? Pack away?- and I should label their dresser drawers and dig out some slightly larger clothing. They're still exclusively in several layers of sleepers, because they hate being changed, I hate dressing them, and I need clothes that are comfortable to sleep in, which is still what they do roughly eighteen hours a day.

I'm still putting them in lots of layers because I'm paranoid, and because they were dressed for the Arctic when they were in hospital. I should calm down about them getting cold. They're about two pounds bigger, much more alert, and probably not going to freeze in our very warm house.

Stuart brought over a rhubarb and berry pie, chocolate cherry trifle with homemade chocolate custard, and apple upside down cake. I think he worries that I will become less round.

You know, I should probably eat something right now. Something with protein and vegetables. Lunch was trifle. Thomas was impressed.


Stuart said...

Why thank you Thomas. I had you in mind when I made it.

Jon Prideaux said...

I knew you had one of these, I just never thought to check it. It's now bookmarked and will be checked when I think of it.