Sunday, March 04, 2012

Here, better night, and Geoff and I have gotten some things done in Nat's absence (Geoff is doing our taxes, which is brave), although I think the girls are becoming hungrier, which means it feels like mostly what I've done is nurse them.

Geoff has made some somewhat sarcastic lists inventorying our freezer (inventorying. That doesn't sound like a real word) and so I've got to figure out dinners that include lots of sliced-up ham, and English muffins, and strawberries. I've made a large pitcher of strawberry-yogurt smoothies, and am using up some frozen corn, chicken, and black beans in enchiladas for tonight (which i think are bubbling over in the oven. Good thing I put a pan under them).

The twins are complaining intermittently behind me, but I don't think they have much reason, since I just tandem nursed them and they should be comatose and happy.

Does anyone want to bring us wine or hard cider? We love you! Wine is especially good for babies! (Note for my doctor, if she's reading this: I haven't sunk to alcoholism in the last few days).

Geoff and I are almost finished reading Feet of Clay, and last night we got to the part where Carrot quotes Vimes saying, "Just because you're a member of an ethnic minority doesn't mean you can't be a nasty small-minded little jerk". I love Sam Vimes. I'm glad Geoff also loves Sam Vimes, because otherwise he might be jealous.

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