Friday, March 09, 2012

Older kids in bed, everyone still alive, this is a win. I had my parents here this evening but as soon as I went upstairs to put the boys to bed the girls promptly freaked out about Hunger and Abandonment, ate too much, and then spat up everywhere.

This will get easier as they get older. I'm sure by the time they're ten, eight, and six it will be a breeze. That's only six years away.

Thank You, God, for a Lent I will spend trying to grow an extra four hands. Sorry, God. I do love You, and I appreciate the blessing of children. Any patron saints of child-good-behaviour, please intercede. There really, really ought to be a patron saint of children sleeping. I should write to the Vatican.

The previous picture is Thomas trying to hug both girls while they're on Geoff's lap.

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