Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thomas is two, and has just broken out in lots of hitting and shouting. He's still having a hard time with the concept that my lap is occupied most of the time, because it clearly belongs to him.

I just looked up uses for leftover birthday cake, and made chocolate trifle. I dug out the cornstarch and cocoa and make pudding. I'm on a cooking rampage, because Geoff is home and the boys are busy watching Cars. I did pork stirfry for lunch, and used the dregs that I didn't pack up to make ginger fried rice, with added corn and peas and eggs. So we have three different types of prepared meals in the fridge right now- lasagna from yesterday, fried rice, and packed-up stirfry. That feels better. I'm going to do chicken curry with sweet potatoes and kale this evening.

I've been thinking about trying to cut down on unnecessary hurrying. There's lots of very necessary hurrying right now, but there's also a lot of arbitrary "I told you to come here now!", when what Nat really wants is to explore or finish the taks he's working on. Yesterday we were walking home from the grocery store, were almost home, and he stopped and bent down. I started to get annoyed, and then asked him what he was doing. He had his hand on the top of some long grass, and was watching it move with the wind. He said, "Look, Mommy! Green anemones! It's alive! The grass is alive!". We didn't need to be home fast, and when he pokes around he's having fun. My capacity for wandering is much more limited, and I need to let go.

Yesterday we listened to some whale-song, and talked about whether people could learn to talk like whales.

This sounds ridiculous, but I'm trying to reduce the huge number of hours the kids are spending watching TV, because they're doing less spontaneous play, and that bother me. I've gotten out the playdough and Geoff got down the magnetic building set, and I'll just clean up.

So tired. Thomas was up about eight times in the night, and the girls maybe five? Running on adrenalin.

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