Monday, March 26, 2012

Yesterday the boys played with Madeline (three-year-old girl) in the big pile of dirt in our front yard. The dirt that will be herbs and strawberries, but right now is perfect for playing King of the Hill and wallowing in. Nat and Thomas wallowed, and the little girl shoveled and climbed. Yesterday it was hot out, and we had the doors and windows open, and I think I got a lot done although I can't remember what exactly.

Today it's below freezing, because our weather is nuts. Nat's at his clinic appointment, which Geoff reports went very well. The girls are sleeping, and Thomas is outside with Deborah, Mum and Dad's minister's wife.  I'm doing some recreational baking and should get lunch ready before Nathaniel and Geoff return. Nat has been unimpressed with the return of vegetables. He liked the Peanut Butter Sandwich Diet we had going. Poor wittle lamb. No sympathy.

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