Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lorraine is here helping, which is marvelous, especially since Nat has been dark blue hell all day- not screaming, just never ever doing anything an adults says, plus hitting his brother (who, to be fair, has been hitting first sometimes).

I'm really tired, but that's standard, and I no longer feel guilty that the first month was so quiet and easy, because it's getting much more insane around here.Speaking of insanity, I was introduced for the first time with the phrase, "And this is Kyra. She's homeschooling" yesterday, which made me want to shriek "I am not. I haven't even started! I don't know anything about it!", although I suppose that's using a false framework for education, or something, because Nat's certainly learning, although I don't know that I'm actually teaching.

Tired. Do I need wine? I probably need wine. We had Indian takeout for dinner, which makes me really happy.

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