Monday, April 02, 2012

Nat's blood sugar has been crashing overnight in spite of bedtime numbers in the teens and twenties, so we're trying adding a slower carbohydrate to the chocolate milk they usually get. They're having graham crackers with peanut butter, and I just mixed up some peanut butter with honey and corn starch, because Sweet Kids says uncooked corn starch is the slowest-release carbohydrate available. I hope it stabilizes him overnight.

I made a not-very-successful pork roast yesterday, cooked with tomatoes and rosemary and wine, and converted it to a ragu pasta sauce by shredding and simmering it. That was dinner, with some capellini, and it was much more successful.

I'm re-reading A Little Way of Homeschooling in terror and guilt, because of the quantity of videos the kids are watching, and trying to remind myself a) this isn't going to last, b) we're talking about how cars work and looking up deep-sea critters because of the movies, and it isn't all wasted time, and c) unschooling is probably more my sort of thing than any boxed curriculum, and anyway we read ten poems yesterday, so that counts as school, right? Sigh. Parental guilt.

Cynthia and Stuart took the boys to my parents' church (right around the block) for the Palm Sunday parade, and had epic adventures with Nat, trying to get him to participate. He alternated between refusing, covering his ears, doing his button-pushing power-up routine, and sulking. Thank you, Cynthia and Stuart. Stuart said that sometime during the sulking Nat crossed his arms, glared, and said,

"Jesus loves me, anyway."

and then, more softly,

"But he isn't here right now."

I love the subtext that even though no one else loves him or will be nice to him, Jesus still does, Funny, touching, maddening.

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