Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the down side, he took off his clean underwear after he peed, and threw it into the toilet. It's funny in retrospect. He's very smart about some things, and sharp as a sackful of wet mice about others.

We had nice visit with Alicia and Richard. Actually, nice isn't the right word. We watched our children trying to achieve liftoff through sheer excitement and running very fast on slippery floors. Theresa and Nathaniel are a deadly combination, although they actually play really nicely together, it's just loud and fast, and Alicia keeps saying, "If I ever have a boy I'm going to shoot myself", and things like that, while we're watching them. Not all boys are like Nat. I've met precisely one of him so far. If they have boys I'm sure they'll be quiet and gentle and sit still.


I was woken at four by Miriam, so I've done a lot of housework but am not fully here. Good night aside from that.

As part of my find-interest-in-things-not-child-related, I've started thinking about making a dress. I have thousands of outfits, but I haven't sewn anything in a year or two, and I want to make something. In red.


Alicia said...

Yes, my (future) boys will sit quietly and be still, just like my girls do! ha ha ha... hahahaha.

Tristian said...

This one looks simple

'S not in red though.